A. D. Engineering Works established in the year 2001 and located in Ahmedabad, is one of the leading and most reliable processor and manufacturer of variety of PTFE / Teflon(R) moulded and machined components for various industries. It is equipped with most modern machines and HI-TECH processing equipments backed by a team of technical experts to offer a wide range of all types of Teflon(R) parts of superior quality with excellent result oriented performance for ensuring cost reduction both in production and maintenance.


Polytetrafluoroethylene - is a fluorocarbon based polymer and is commonly abbreviated as PTFE. The Teflon(R) brand of PTFE is manufactured only by Dupont. Several other manufacturers make their own brands of PTFE. This fluorobased polymer has high chemical resistance, wide range of operational temperature capability, non-corrosive, low friction, self-lubricating, excellent electrical and thermal insulation, good machinability with good dimensional stability, light weight, high impact strength, good thermal stability, non-stick properties and non-flammable. With these excellent chemical and physical properties Teflon(R) has a wide range f application in all the industries.


Filled Grades PTFEs mechanical properties can be enhanced by adding fillers such as glass fibres, carbon black, graphite, molybdenum disulphide, bronze and ceramics. Generally, filled PTFEs maintain their excellent chemical and high temperature characteristics, while fillers improve mechanical strength, stability and wear resistance. We can offer parts in following composition of PTFE,